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Participating as Citizen of the World through Writings

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Lizzie Santosa

Lizzie Santosa

By Lizzie Santosa*)

I always wanted to have my own book published. I guess most of people want the same thing. Writing a book is not just like winning a competition, or as a path to get rich as best-selling writers. I believed that to be able to write a book and get published is something personal. It means you are sharing some part of you to the world. It could be in form of your imaginations, experiences, ideas, or philosophy, etc.

Being a writer is most likely to be associated like a musician. One’s required to have certain skills in playing the instruments. As a writer, we need a linguistic skill. A study of nature, structure and variation of languages. Who possibly think that all men posses that skill? I wasn’t. The other thing about having a book published is one of prestigious achievement as acknowledgement from the society.

I started to join the seminar months ago with a small group of participants. The second time I attend the two days workshop with my best friend whom I persuaded to fly from Singapore to attend this workshop with me. The result is positive. The enthusiasm and confidence are in the air. A group of people who share same dream and struggles are willing to keep in touch through the process of writing. A draft is built. Three pages are done. Then the rest is mostly justification of confusion, laziness, stagnancy, un-inspired, change of topics, workloads, sickness, domestic barriers, depression, until natural disaster could slow the progress of writings. After 1 month, I already forgot what I was writing about.

The amazing thing is every month I check on my Facebook there’s a post of a member from the writing community successfully finished their writings and get the book published. I was happy to hear the good news. But mostly, I feel like such a failure. This feelings drag me down even more and more. I said to my self that there will be no chance I will get my book done this year. Strangely, in couple of occasion my writing coach email me or call me just to keep update with me. After months, I started to avoid his call completely… :)

I was giving up, while my writing coach keep on encouraging me to join writing camp (4 days) for me to finish what I started. Honestly, I don’t have the heart to say to him that I’m done with my dream to finish writing. Yes, maybe not this year in the 2013. Maybe someday….

Long short story my coach and I met again for lunch. We talked about mostly everything. About life, family, parenting, then we talked about people surrounds us. He shared his way to helps clients or students achieving their goals. Spending time with them, listen to their struggle in writing. As I listened him talking, I couldn’t stop admiring how genuine his effort in helping others. Sincerity.

He always make time for me whenever I feel to discuss my writings. He’s attentive to what I said, never complained about hours that I consumed that day. He’s caring, encouraging, monitoring on progress. But most important is, he never loose his faith to his clients or students. No matter how bad is one’s writing skills, he will always find a methods to overcome any profound obstacles. Maybe cause he simply believed that everyone could write their stories.

Here I am, at the last day of 2013. My coach had proposed a challenge for me in the beginning of December. I took the challenge to finish my writings up to fifty pages and since then I’ve been developing new habits of writings. As new day in year of 2014 coming by tomorrow, I intend to present him my writings as my gratitude.

The last four weeks, has been a wonderful journey. A journey that made me learn to write, to endure, to rise up, to struggle. This journey has changed my life for it’s bring out a new perspective in me. I learn to write as frequent as possible as part of my exploration to higher truth of the world I’m living.  It’s a lesson of love, despair, and life itself.

Through writings I understand about the Miracle of Life most of everyday. About happiness, sorrow, despair, hope, and other lesson that easily will be forgotten if I didn’t put it in words. I may not able to finish my book based on original ideas that I built in the last months. But now I’ve collected a pile of journals as a trade. I’m planning to upload it on my blogs in near future. And I will never stop to write anymore.

Thank you Coach Edy Zaqeus for your endless faith in me. You showed me the way to participate as citizen of the world through writing.[]

* Lizzie Santosa is psychologist and alumnus of “7 Keys of Book Writing for Personal Branding” workshop.

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