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One Text Message is More Romantic than a Hundred Valentine Gift

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Amelia Hirawan

Amelia Hirawan

By Amelia Hirawan *)

As the Valentine day approaches, we think about big-fancy dinners, delicious chocholate, big-funny Teddy bear, expensive jewelry, and bouquets of flowers. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But, ultimately, our souls aren’t thirsty for a love that purchases for us—our souls are thirsty for a love that searches for us.

I would love to get a text message in the middle of the day. Nothing complicated. Just a message, saying, ‘I’m thinking of you.’

Even when you’re not here, you’re with me,

I’m thinking about you,

You never leave me,

When we’re apart, I’ll come searching for you.

Most of us would trade a bunch of extravagant togetherness for one text message when we’re apart, one message saying, “You never leave my heart, and I’m coming searching for you.”

One text at a time.

“I’m in Love with You” – a very surprisingly text message for me in this Valentine Holiday…[ah]

*) Amelia Hirawan is a psychologist, art & writing therapist, writing coach, and founder of Sinergia Consultant. She is the author of “Art is Fun” (Elexmedia, 2014).

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